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Hail Repairs - Multiple Claims

Hail storm affecting Timaru, Ashburton and Christchurch 22 November 2019 causing significant damage to many vehicles. From this event we received in excess of 220 claims from our customers. One of our customers gave Complete Assessing all their hail claims for this event because of our proven strong performance in management of disaster event claims.

Within 24 hours of the event occurring we contacted multiple specialist hail damage repairers both in New Zealand and Australia. We have worked with each of these repairers in the past with respect to hail damage claims and they were proven to have the three key pre-requisites: delivery of high quality repairs; in a timely manner; and, at a reasonable price.

These repairers were able to complete repairs at a considerably less cost with no compromise on quality compared to other hail repairers. An example is a repairer who provided pricing of $6,989.55 that we considered to be inflated. We negotiated with the repairer but failed to achieve a satisfactory price reduction resulting in the vehicle being moved to one of our specialist hail damage repairers who repaired the vehicle at a cost of $2,911.26, making a saving of $4,078.00 for our customer.



Extraordinary Events

Just prior to the level 4 Covid-19 lockdown, parts from the United Kingdom were ordered for the repair of a vehicle. The original freight charge for the parts was $45.00. The parts arrived during the time New Zealand was in level four and at a time when worldwide freight costs were rapidly and significantly increasing. When the repairer collected the parts they were provided (with an increase in freight costs) at a cost of $1,654.18 without any prior advice. The repairer sought support from us and we immediately contacted the parts supplier and we obtained feedback from an alternative freight forwarding company. As a result of our actions, the parts supplier agreed to review and subsequently reduced the cost to $874.92. Understandably, our customer was very pleased with the result.

Cost Control

When completing an assessment on a motorcycle the repairer priced the replacement of a fuel tank with fuel pumps and gaskets that amounted to $3,399.83. We considered that the fuel tank could be repaired and arranged for it to be taken to a repairer. The repair was successful at a cost of $143.00 resulting in a saving of $3,256.83.


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